Officers of the Club

Chairman:    S. Hansford

Vice Chairman:    A Hoole

Secretary:    D. Cox

Treasurer:    P. Ivanis

Member Secretary:    S Heaton

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Senior Match Officers:    D Bowman

Junior Match Officer:    E Henderson

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W.A.C – Rules – 2020-2021

  • All members must have a valid W.A.C. Permit & E.A. rod licence in their Possession before starting to fish. All members must insert their photo on the inside cover of their membership book.
  • All members fish at their own risk
  • REMEMBER – Good waters are hard to get and easy to lose
  • Take loose line, shot and rubbish home with you and abide by current government legislation on lead shot.


Cricket Field:
No Parking within gates at Cricket Field.

Roach Bridge:
No Parking down track to the farm.
Police request cars NOT to be parked on the road. All members MUST sign in.

Croft Lodge:
Members are asked NOT to park on the grass or in such a way as to obstruct access to driveways.
Additional parking now available behind dam wall.

General Rules

  1. That the business of the club be conducted by a Chairmen and up to 13 elected full members plus four associated representatives.
  2. Members may submit proposals, appropriately seconded, to the Secretary in writing not less than 28 days prior to the A.G.M.
  3. Members shall to the best of their ability use every effort to protect the club water from being unfairly or illegally fished and shall report to the secretary of the club all such irregularities coming to their notice.
  4. Members must show their membership card to the Bailiffs when requested to do so and must co-operate with them protecting public property.
  5. Every member is a club Bailiff on the bank. If you do not know the angler fishing next to you then do not hesitate to ask him/her to produce his/her membership card, but do not forget to show him/her yours first. Be courteous in so doing.
  6. In the event of a complaint of nature being made against any member of the club, the parties concerned shall be requested to attend the next committee meeting.
  7. Should the conduct of any member be, in the, opinion of the committee, injurious to the character and interests of the club, the committee after a fair hearing shall be empowered to expel him/her.
  8. Willful damage to fences, banks, valves etc. The depositing of litter or any action which will bring disgrace upon the club, will be dealt with most severely. Loose pieces of nylon and shot left on the banks are potential killers of bird life. Please make sure that you take all such pieces home with you to be disposed of safely.
  9. Any angler caught fishing within 15ft of any litter will be held responsible for that litter and may be liable for expulsion.
  10. All waters are now open all year except Croft Lodge which is closed 15th March to 15th June Inclusive. NO keepnets allowed in this period on open waters.
  11. Members must hold a current and correct E.A. rod licences when fishing the Club waters.
  12. NO FISH are to be taken away or killed from club waters except trout.
  13. No Dogs shall be allowed on the banks of any of the club waters, without special permission of the committee.
  14. No Bloodworm and/or jokers to be removed from any club waters.
  15. No open fires are allowed on any club waters.
  16. Keepnets and nets used by members to be of minimum size required by the E.A. bylaws. Keepnets must be used fully extended in shallow waters. members are asked to use common sense when using a mat and retaining good sized fish in keepnets.
  17. Fish of 3lb and over must not be retained in keepnets except in matches.
  18. JUNIOR Members to be accompanied by an adult member if fishing after dark where rules permit.
  19. Members are informed that they fish the club waters at their own risk and the club shall not be responsible for loss or injury caused thereon.
  20. Members are requested not to fish the water within four hours of the start of an intended match.
  21. NO PIKE TO BE KILLED OR REMOVED from any W.A.C. water.
  22. No Floating or suspended baits to be used on Croft Lodge.
  23. Only Two rods to be used by any one angler at the same time. A third rod must not be set up at night.
  24. No Carp to be kept in keepnets.
  25. No Night Fishing on: Croft Lodge and Shale Holes.
  26. Those Fishing purposely for Carp or Pike must have a landing & unhooking mat available on the bank.

Junior Lodge:

  •     Use of bivvies allowed only on Cricket Field Bank.
  •     Fishing sessions limited to 24hrs within any 48hr period.
  •     No night fishing 15th March to 15th June (inclusive) sunset to sunrise.
  •     No night fishing or bivvies on damn wall.

Roach Bridge:

  •  Night fishing and bivvies are now allowed on the wood side, please abide by the posted signs or we loose this privilege.

Shale Hole:

  • Please adhere to the posted signs of: No Fishing – under the trees. However during Covid, you can only fish at the ends of the water. Not near the path during social distancing.

Additional Rules

Leeds & Liverpool Canal:

  • Discarded hooks and lines, bottles and tin cans can kill or injure wildlife. Gather them up and take them away with you.
  • Make sure the towpath is easily passable by keeping your fishing tackle tidy.
  • Do not obstruct locks, bridges, designated moorings, water points or turning points.
  • Boat crews need access to the bank within 25 metres of locks or movable bridges so do not fish there.
  • Use a pole cup if you need to feed close to boats: do not throw or catapult ground bait onto the decks or against the hulls of boats – it damages paintwork.
  • Boats are people’s homes so please respect their privacy, including those on the opposite bank. Try to fish at least 15 metres away.
  • Some boats will not be able to avoid you if you fish on the outside of the bends.
  • Do not fish within 30 metres of overhead power lines. Look out and look up – electricity kills.
  • Night fishing is allowed but all anglers must not obstruct the tow path at any time. If problems occur this will be withdrawn.

Farington Lodges:

  • Discarded hooks and lines, bottles and tin cans can kill or injure wildlife. Gather them up and take them away with you.
  • Make sure you keep the path clear by keeping your fishing tackle tidy.
  • Fishing only permitted from the numbered platform/pegs.
  • No gardening whatsoever.
  • Do not enter or fish from the nature reserve area.
  • No fishing on lake-1 past the sign, Church road end.
  • No night fishing.


Associated Suppliers

Millingtons – 01257 272392

Coppull Anglers – 01257 794040

Curwen Angling Centre – 07716953245

Lostock Tackle – 01772 339725

Adlington Angling Centre – 01257 474823