Officers of the Club

Chairman: Stuart Heaton

Vice Chairman: Brian Davenport

Secretary: Rebecca Ewyer

Treasurer: Peter Ivanis

Membership: Neil Hulme

Match Secretary: David Bowman

Junior Coordinator: Mick Delima

Health & Safety: Alan Burgess

Head Bailiff:  Andy Newsham

Welfare Officer: Mick Delima

Address: P.O. Box 41, Chorley, PR6 8JZ


We have also acquired HEAPEY NO 6.


  1. That the business of the club be conducted by a chairman and up to 12 elected full members.
  2. Members may submit proposals, appropriately seconded, to the Secretary in writing not less than 28 days prior to the A.G.M.
  3. Members shall to the best of their ability use every effort to protect the club water from being unfairly or illegally fished and shall report to the Head Bailiff of the club all such irregularities coming to their notice.
  4. Members must show their membership card to the Bailiffs when requested to do so and must cooperate with them protecting public property.
  5. Every member is a club Bailiff on the bank. If you do not know the angler fishing next to you then do not hesitate to ask them to produce their membership card, but do not forget to show them yours first. Be courteous in so doing.
  6. In the event of a complaint of nature being made against any member of the club, the parties concerned shall be requested to attend the next committee meeting.
  7. Should the conduct of any member be, in the opinion of the committee, injurious to the character and interests of the club, the committee after a fair hearing shall be empowered to expel the member from the club.
  8. Members should not commit willful damage to fences, banks, valves etc nor should they remove or prune any plants, trees, shrubs, water or bankside plants without the prior approval of the committee.
  9. Any angler caught fishing within 15ft of any litter will be held responsible for that litter and may be liable for expulsion.
  10. All waters are now open all year round except Croft Lodge and River Darwen. However, River Darwen is open for game fishing during close season.
  11. Members must hold current and correct E.A. licences when fishing the club waters.
  12. NO FISH are to be taken away or killed from club waters.
  13. No dogs shall be allowed on any of Withnell Angling Club waters, except for bailiffs when performing there duties.
  14. No Bloodworm and Jokers to be removed from any club waters.
  15. No fires are allowed on any of waters. No tins/cans, alcohol, or prohibited substances allowed on the bank.
  16. Keepnets and nets used by members to be of minimum size required by the E.A. byelaws. Keepnets must be used fully extended in shallow water. Members are asked to use common sense when using a mat and retaining good sized fish in keepnets.
  17. Fish of 4lb and over must not be retained in keepnets, except in Club matches.
  18. Members are informed that they fish the club waters at their own risk and the club shall not be responsible for loss or injury caused thereon.
  19. Members are requested not to fish the water within four hours of the start of an intended match.
  20. Only two rods to be used by any one angler at the same time.
  21. Those fishing purposely for carp or pike must have a landing mat available on the bank.
  22. Discarded hooks and lines, bottles and tin cans can kill or injure wildlife. Please gather them up and take them away with you.
  23. Make sure you keep pathways clear by keeping your tackle tidy.
  24. Junior Members under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an ADULT member and are only allowed to fish with one rod.
  25. Junior Members to be accompanied by an adult member if fishing after dark where rules permit
  26. Junior members under 6 may now go fishing provided the following conditions are strictly adhered to:
  • The supervising adult and child must both be members.
  • One child only per supervising adult
  • Daylight hours only.
  • The child must be under close supervision at all times.
  • Only one rod should be in use between the adult and child.
  • Children under 6 years of age MUST wear a floatation aid.
  • Available waters for under 6 years of age are limited to waters with public access only.
  • The supervising adult has sole responsibility for safety and well-being of the child.
  • From March 15th to September 15th inclusive, pike fishing using live or dead bait is forbidden.
  • Carp mats to be used when applicable on all waters.

27. NO Pre-baiting on any     Withnell Angling Club Water.


Cricket Field

  1. All nets to be dipped
  2. No fishing beyond Peg 1
  3. No bunting to be removed
  4. Parking is only permitted on the car park outside of the main gates.
  5. No parking near the tennis club.

Croft Lodge

  1. No night fishing
  2. No floating baits to be used
  3. Members are asked NOT to park on the grass or in such a way as to obstruct access to driveways. Additional parking now available behind the dam wall.

Farington Lodges

  1. No night fishing
  2. Fishing only permitted from the numbered platforms/pegs.
  3. Do not enter or fish nature reserve area.
  4. No fishing beyond Peg 1 and in the direction of Church Road.

Farington Park

  1. No night fishing

Junior Lodge

  1. All nets to be dipped
  2. Use of bivies allowed only on Cricket Field Bank.
  3. Fishing sessions limited to 24hrs within any 48hr period.
  4. No night fishing allowed 15th March to 15th June (inclusive) sunset to sunrise.
  5. No night fishing or bivies on dam wall.
  6. You must sign in and out of this water

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

  1. Make sure the towpath is easily passable by keeping your fishing tackle tidy.
  2. Don’t obstruct locks, bridges, designated moorings, water points or turning points.
  3. Boat crews need access to the bank within 25 metres of locks or moveable bridges so do not fish there.
  4. Use a pole cup if you need to feed close to boats: don’t throw or catapult ground bait onto the decks or against the hulls of boats – it damages paintwork.
  5. Boats are people’s homes so please respect their privacy, including those on the opposite bank. Try to fish at least 15 metres away.
  6. Some boats will not be able to avoid you if you fish on the outside of the bends.
  7. Don’t fish within 30 metres of overhead power lines. Look out and look up – electricity kills.
  8. Night fishing is allowed but not within 100 metres of any moored residential vessel. Anglers must not block tow path at any time. Should this occur, night fishing will be withdrawn.

River Darwen

  1. No night fishing
  2. Closed season for Game: 1st Oct – 14th March inc.
  3. Close season for Coarse: 15th Mar-15th June inc. During which game fishing is allowed.
  4. For game fishing –
    • Max of 1 Rod.
    • Max of 1 baited hook.
    • Minnow, worm, shrimp, prawn, artificial lures and flies only. Loose feed prohibited.
    • Max of 1 artificial lure or 2 flies.
  5. Use of keepnets prohibited.
  6. Any out of season fish caught must be returned to the water immediately. In the event of a subsequent catch of an out of season species, current fishing method must be ceased immediately.
  7. Strictly catch and release only.
  8. Vehicles must be parked in designated area, and not in such a way as to restrict public, private or agricultural right of way.
  9. River parking permits must be clearly displayed in vehicles.
  10. Lower beat parking – roadside.
  11. Middle – land adjacent to End Cottage (not within 5m of camper van).
  12. Upper – roped car park on Keepers Lane only. Club key required.
  13. Lead weights must be No.8 or less and not exceed cumulative 10z. Ancillaries, such as swim feeders are exempt.
  14. Anglers must keep within 3 yards (2.7m) of the riverbank. Access must be gained via designated routes and all gates to be securely closed.
  15. Fishing is prohibited within 5m any fish pass.
  16. Match fishing is prohibited.
  17. Catch reports mandatory for Migratory Trout and Salmon. If you catch one, please email the club
  18. Fishing prohibited opposite private dwellings. Fishing reserved for landowner on middle beat on west bank from the green foot bridge to access style
  19. When fishing for trout using lures, please use barbless hooks. If not, you must flatten down the barbs on the hook.
  20. Please when you go down Keepers Lane, you will see a parking area for 2-3 cars if parked correctly. Please ensure that you lock the rope with the club key, before and after fishing, as this keeps the car park free for club members only.
  21. There is parking for 4-5 cars at the Houghton Bottom near the river. This is opposite the two stone semis at the bottom and nowhere else. You must not park within 10 yards of the small white motorhome, adjacent to the two houses and must not block any access path/road.
  22. When parking New Parking, permit must be displayed in vehicles at all times.

Please note:

  1. These waters are subject to game shooting October – January. Shoot dates will be communicated to the membership at the start of each season.
  2. The riverbank is subject to erosion and as such, please exercise caution.
  3. Giant Hogweed is present, the sap of which can cause severe burns.
  4. Any amendments imposed by the EA will be enforced by WAC.

Roach Bridge

  1. All nets to be dipped
  2. Night fishing and bivvies are now allowed on the wood side, please abide by the posted signs or we will lose this privilege.
  3. You must sign in and out of this water
  4. Fishing sessions limited to 24hrs within any 48hr period.
  5. Strictly No Parking down track to farm.
  6. Police request cars not to be parked on road.

Runshaw Pool

  1. No night fishing
  2. All nets to be dipped
  3. Parking is allowed for 2/3 cars before the RHF sign only. i.e. Do not obstruct the sign

Shale Holes

  1. No Night Fishing
  2. No fishing under the trees on the far bank.
  3. When fishing on the path, please respect walkers and the like.

Top Lock

  1. No night fishing
  2. No keep nets.
  3. Carp mats to be used.
  4. Parking only in authorised areas.
  5. No floating bait.
  6. No Boilies and no pellets over 8mm.
  7. No excessive baiting.

Match Rules

  1. That fishing is strictly one rod and single hook. Competitors to bait their own hook, strike and land their own fish.
  2. Each competitor shall draw one peg number and fish same. No member shall move or exchange pegs without first consulting the referee.
  3. In the case of any disabled members fishing the match, providing they give prior notice of their intention to fish, they shall be allocated peg numbers to best suit their disability.
  4. The commencing signal shall be given by a match official and competitors will be notified prior to the match what the signal will be and shall also be informed as to the duration of the match.
  5. The draw shall take place 45 minutes before start of match for juniors, 1 hours before for seniors.
  6. Plumbing the depth prior to all-in is permitted.
  7. Live baiting, spinning and trolling with artificial baits is forbidden.
  8. All fish (with exception of trout and sticklebacks which shall be returned to the water immediately) to be placed in the competitor’s own keepnet and cared for until weighed in, after which they must be carefully returned to the water. Fish of 4lb and over must be retained in separate keepnets.
  9. No jokers.
  10. Pre-baiting of swim permitted 10 minutes before the “OFF”. Juniors only.
  11. Any infringement of these RULES will result in disqualification.
  12. Any fish hooked prior to the all-out signal; the competitor will be allowed 15 minutes.
  13. Permits to be checked at all matches.
  14. No bank walking.
  15. A. permit to be brought to every match.
  16. Any W.A.C. water may be committed to both Senior/ Junior matches on the same day. Members are advised to refer to the dates printed in permit or club’s website.