Membership Information

Membership Categories & Fees

JUNIOR (6 to 16) £5.00 a year

FULL (17 to 65) £61.00 a year – NEW MEMBERSHIP JOINING FEE £20.00


MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORMS Please click the links below to download.

New Senior Member Application Form

Senior Member Renewal Form

New Junior Member Application Form

Junior Member Renewal Form

2018 Newsletter No 5

Please ensure that you have signed wherever it is required and enclose the correct money and photograph. If not completed correctly they will be returned.

If you wish to fish Top Lock Pools and Roach Bridge, you will need to send another £4 for a key as entrance to these waters will be by key only from the 16th June.

All applications will be processed and returned by the 15th June.

Please note: – All new Membership applications are subject to the joining fee in addition to the membership fee, except for the Junior class.

Click here to enquire about Junior Memberships.